Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Elliott Wave Trade Ideas Performance Update

We bought EUR/JPY in early part of last week at 112.85 and the single currency found renewed buying interest at 112.54 and rallied from there throughout rest of the week, easily met our indicated upside target at 114.20 (with 135 points profit) and price eventually surged to as high as 116.00 on Friday before retreating.

We sold the EUR/GBP after seeing the retreat from 0.8593, however, last week’s rebound from 0.8461 turned out to be stronger than expected and in view of the strength of the bounce from there,  we exited our short position entered at 0.8540 at 0.8550 and euro then rallied to as high as 0.8632 today.

In aussie, we sold the pair at 1.0170 last week and price did retreat from 1.0189 to as low as 1.0075, however, the currency pair jumped again from there today, our lowered stop at 1.0160 was hit and the position was closed with 10 points profit.

No position was entered in USD/CAD.

In short, 3 positions were squared among the 4 currency pairs last week with a total profit of 135 points and the positions are listed below.

1 Mar: EUR/JPY -  Long at 112.85, exited at 114.20  (+135 points)
2 Mar: AUD/USD - Short at 1.0170, exited at 1.0160  (+ 10 points)
3 Mar: EUR/GBP - Short at 0.8540, exited at 0.8550  (- 10 points)

            AUD        EURJPY      EURGBP       CAD
Jan        -110           -65           +45         +162
Feb         -12         +220           -17           +54    
Mar         +10         +135          -10
Y-T-D      -112         +290         +18          +216

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